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About Me

Welcome! I’m an Assistant Marketing Professor in the Marketing Department at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. I received my B.S. degree in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin—Madison in 2013. After graduation, I spent time as a project manager for a construction company, a paraprofessional educator, and a research assistant for a professor at Georgia State University. My experiences at UW and as a research assistant helped me discover my passion for consumer research, prompting me to apply to Rutgers University. After joining Rutgers in 2015, I began studying how social factors influence consumer behavior. My dissertation investigates how consumers use products to influence how they are perceived by others, and how social identities impact consumer behavior. Projects outside of my dissertation also focus on social influence, examining concepts such as how racial identity influences interpersonal decision-making, or how interpersonal factors can influence generosity. In addition to progressing my research, I am currently a committee member of the Ph.D. Project Marketing Doctoral Student Association for the 2020-2021 academic year. Apart from academia, I enjoy snowboarding, running, reading, learning Spanish, and playing chess. 

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